The Resort at Paws Up

Location: Greenough, Montana

Size: $15,750,000

Challenge: Off-the-Run Asset

Type: Permanent Loan

This property was purchased in 1997 and transformed from a cattle ranch into a world-class resort.  With a total cost basis in excess of $35 million, our client wanted a low leverage permanent loan for estate planning purposes.  The resort had only recently become profitable, as the owners led the “glamping” movement.  Besides being an independent hotel in a remote area, 50% of rooms are canvas tents and less than 50% of the revenue comes from lodging.  We completely de-risked this loan by identifying a lender willing to tour the resort prior to issuing a term sheet and then re-visiting with a rating agency to ensure treatment as a conventional lodging asset.

paws_up_resort_interior_spa paws_up_resort_interior_guestroom3 paws_up_resort_interior_guestroom2 paws_up_resort_interior_guestroom paws_up_resort_interior_cabin2 paws_up_resort_interior_cabin paws_up_resort_interior_bathroom3 paws_up_resort_interior_bathroom2 paws_up_resort_exterior_tent2 paws_up_resort_exterior_grounds5 paws_up_resort_exterior_grounds4 paws_up_resort_exterior_grounds3 paws_up_resort_exterior_grounds_blackfoot_river paws_up_resort_exterior_grounds paws_up_resort_exterior_fishing paws_up_resort_exterior_camp paws_up_resort_exterior_cabin4 paws_up_resort_exterior_cabin3 paws_up_resort_exterior_cabin