Hampton Inn & Suites

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Size: $7,500,000

Challenge: Cash Out

Type: Permanent Loan

This client owned 2 budget hotels and a brand new Hampton Inn, for which they were seeking a maximum cash out refinance to source capital for other projects. We advised them that CMBS would be the only option. However, they previously had a terrible experience on a CMBS loan with a bottom-feeding lender and an unsophisticated mortgage broker. Given the quality of this Hampton asset, we were confident that we could attract an institutional lender, even with the borrower's limited hospitality portfolio. Notwithstanding our client's continuous skepticism, we closed the loan in an extremely smooth fashion with the largest bank in the United States, while achieving proceeds of nearly 100% of their cost basis.

Exterior at Night hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_exterior_2 hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_exterior_3 hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_entrance hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_fitness Standard Rooms Lobby hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_lobby_2 hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_lobby_3 hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_lobby_4 hampton_inn_and_suites_pensacola_i_10_pine_forest_road_lobby_5 Swimming Pool Double Queen Room