Crowne Plaza Downtown

Location: Dallas, Texas

Size: $27,000,000

Challenge: Structure

Type: Permanent Loan

Our client had a maturing CMBS loan, which had financed the acquisition and conversion of this former Hampton in 2006.  His franchise agreement was lapsing in 3 years, and he was reluctant to engage IHG in renewal discussions concurrent with the loan maturity.  We ran a competitive loan process, which generated an attractive loan option predicated on extending the franchise and getting a relicensing PIP.  With this in hand and an impending loan maturity, we executed a parallel closing whereby negotiations with IHG produced a new 20 year license with reduced royalties that perfectly dovetailed into refinancing at max proceeds at 4.66% with 3 years of interest only followed by 30 year amortization, with a $4.75 million PIP reserve.

crowne-plaza-dallas-guestroom crowne-plaza-dallas-guestroom-2 crowne-plaza-dallas-lobby crowne-plaza-dallas-lobby-2 crowne-plaza-dallas-meeting crowne-plaza-dallas-meeting-2 crowne-plaza-dallas-meeting-3 crowne-plaza-dallas-restaurant crowne-plaza-dallas-thrive crowne-plaza-dallas-thrive-2